PEDs Side Effects, Iodine, Hypertension, ETC

I often encounter the fact that people do not want to take certain drugs because of “Side Effects”.

Sometimes someone even says “no, I’d rather treat myself with herbs, stick a plantain up my ass, but no pills”

Guys, side effects are fucking common in every drug. If you overeat buckwheat, then the side effect in the form of gas formation and squinting in public places is something you cannot avoid.

It is not absolutely necessary that all the bad things that are written in the instructions for the medicine will happen to you. I get it, yes, Big Pharma wants to wipe us all out, but the truth is, most pills are not made to harm you. Everything is faster, a little on the contrary.

P.S. Read the annotation to Ascorbic acid, which is taken by everyone, from schoolchildren to pensioners, the section “side effects” that occur most often. Yes, seriously, from “Vitamin C”, what is described is very rare, but still happens. I’m not kidding.

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What should be taken in the first place to come at all? – Of course iodine, Instagram tells us

The only difference is that doctors offer you Iodomarin, which contains 100 mcg of iodine, and iherb-gurin will say that you must crack kelp, in which you can find from 260 to 350 mcg of iodine per tablet. I was especially shocked at all giving advice to pregnant women to use 1000mcg of iodine a day.

To write a post about why iodine has immunomodulatory properties and, accordingly, should be taken extremely carefully (for this reason, I don’t even like to prescribe multivitamins to especially sick people), – I don’t see much sense, as quite a lot has been said about it (yes, ATTG and ATPO ). in many, the tests are not ideal).

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Instead, it is better to tell people about the fact that excess iodine is a very good and, most importantly, the experimental medical method to turn off the thyroid gland and generally remain without thyroid hormones.

About the increased level of erythrocytes and thrombosis in AAS users

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I will explain briefly and in a format that is as accessible as possible for a simple reader:

Mostly only platelets stick together, and the formation of an erythrocyte thrombus somewhere in the body is something that can only be found in the Chronicles of Narnia and in interviews with “prominent” medical experts on YouTube

In other words, it happens very rarely and almost always the main danger for the cores is PLATELETS and THROMBOCRITE together with HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE.

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However, I will not reject the fact that when the level of erythrocytes, hemoglobin and hematocrit go beyond the reference values, a person with such blood indicators will not feel very well. Because the increased level of erythrocytes entails a decrease in oxygen transport in tissues, which leads to hypoxia

It should be noted here that the increase in the level of erythrocytes, hemoglobin, and hematocrit directly depends on the dosage of the drugs, so a beginner who does not see himself in professional sports should not exceed 500-750 mg of testosterone per week, the further benefit/harm ratio will shift towards the second.

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Returning to thrombocythemia (the level of thrombocytes in blood serum is 400,000/μl and above), it is mainly a consequence of operations, various types of inflammation, dehydration, oncology, and excessive physical exertion.

What we have in the dry residue, when taking AAS, a person should conduct increased control over blood rheology. It is worth doing this once every 3 months, taking a general blood test and not forgetting to measure blood pressure at least occasionally.

It so happened that people write to me very often who do not particularly need a course from me, for various reasons, from “there is no money” to “I understand normally”, but the essence of the questions is the same. On the steroid cycle, provided that the hormones that are normally regulated, the person’s form deteriorates rapidly. Domestic anabolic steroids here.

It would seem that a person eats correctly, he did not have time to do much with “medicine”, but the form is SHIT, and there is no strength at all.

And here reasonable questions arise for the GURU who is engaged in drawing up his training program.

The general features of schemes of brilliant coaches are as follows:

  1. Linear progression in training. loads, because “Bro, you’re on the course.”
  2. Cardio, at each training, from 45 minutes, necessarily, “shob on dry mass”.
  3. For a better “pearl” – a pre-training complex must be used, because “Brother, you’re on the course”
  4. A muscle group is performed in at least 20 approaches, of course, in failure. This is how the unprecedented power of the central nervous system develops.
  5. Stupid motivational bullshit about a difficult path, when a person is almost bent.

These are the main points with which any form can only be made worse.

And when a person gets such a result, communication with me begins from that moment.

What’s going on? Briefly and in a form adapted for perception.

  1. Constantly increasing loads and the lack of normal recovery cause inflammation in the tissues, and as a result, the body becomes swollen – this is a natural physiological reaction.
  2. In order to reduce inflammation, the body gradually increases the activity of the adrenal glands, and we have an increase in Cortisol, which does not add slimness to the figure.
  3. At the same time, the “outstanding specialist” rapes the CNS of the ward, who is already sick, with pre-workouts that further exhaust the adrenal glands.
  4. Against the background of all the above, we get a situation in which we have high values ​​of Cortisol, Progesterone, Prolactin and Glucose. If you need PCT, you can find everything listed here —
  1. The main issue is sexual function. It decreases due to the fact that the central nervous system is suppressed and nothing can be done except by restoring its function. Here, everything is in such a disposition that such a factor as the balance of sex hormones does not play any role.
    When the neurotransmitters are out of order, steroids will not solve the problem.

About Estradiol excess, obesity, age-related changes, GSH and prostate

Estradiol (E2) and DHT are among the main regulators of GnRH and LH production.

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And often, an excess of E2 is the reason why a person’s sexual desire decreases, the quality of erections, and mood deteriorates. Also, against the background of ↑E2, the level of Testosterone decreases.

In some cases, a high level of estradiol is associated with unclear reasons.
Sometimes on the contrary: everything is clear as day – the problem is caused by an excess of adipose tissue, where Testosterone is actively converted into E2 under the influence of the Aromatase enzyme.

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It should be noted that obesity also entails chronic sluggish inflammation, which can also lead to problems with hormones. In most cases, weight loss can improve the hormonal situation. But only if the diet is not very strict. Otherwise, everything will become even sadder. Therefore, maintaining a healthy percentage of fat (10-18%) is the key to a healthy hormonal system.

And a few more words about age changes.

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As you know: life is a disease with 100% mortality. And aging begins already after 18-21 years, although the body is finally formed only by 23-25 ​​years. It is during this period that the Testosterone peak will fall. And then a smooth decline begins, which is not related to age itself, but to concomitant diseases.

But the trend is as follows: the longer a person lives, the less free forms of hormones become in him, because Testosterone decreases quite smoothly, while GSHG increases quite quickly, and quite often the cause of this increase is liver problems, which a person can earn through poor nutrition, alcohol , uncontrolled medication intake. And here I want to note that people with diabetes who are on insulin therapy, even with a low level of total testosterone, have a low level of GHSH, which eliminates the symptoms of androgen deficiency. Yes, insulin lowers GHSH, but this is not a call to run to the pharmacy for Degludec.

By the way, there is no connection between Testosterone Therapy and Prostate Cancer. But a low level of testosterone, in turn, increases the risks.