Chillin’ and gettin’ in tune at New Song Music Camp

Week two of the Center’s New Song Music Camp is underway amid the warm summer temperatures and an ultra “cool” pace. Aimed at the middle-school set, the camp gives kids entering 6th through 8th grades a chance to experiment with music in a chill environment where creativity thrives.

“It’s kind of a clubhouse environment; they get to DJ their own music, bring iPods, and have access to YouTube,” says Andrew DeVeny, a professional musician and teaching artist who co-leads the camp. While the first week is aimed at younger children, the second week is designed to engage older kids who need a little room to explore their own musical creativity.

While the vibe may be laid back, the program is ambitious and packed full of learning and fun. Throughout the week, campers will form a band and name it, they’ll conduct a photo shoot to create the cover art for a CD of their own original compositions, and write and professionally record their music. During their down time, campers get a turn at playing DJ—an opportunity to share the music they love, talk about it and just chill.

New Song Music Camp is presented through the Education Through the Arts program of Wells Fargo Center for the Arts, providing the arts in education to 30,000 students a year.