—a big company with a huge heart

An eclectic appetite for entertainment, a keen business sense and a huge heart for giving; this in a nutshell describes Gary and Marcia Nelson, founders of—a Corporate Alliance Partner and leading funder of the Center’s education programs.

Lovers of the arts through-and-through, the Nelsons sometimes attend two and three performances in one weekend. But, while they cherish the opportunity to see world-class artists so close to their Sonoma home, it’s the Center’s Education Through the Arts programs they love the most. For the past six years, Gary and Marcia, through their company, have invested over $50,000 a year in the Center’s arts and education programs, ensuring that North Bay students can experience the arts too.

“It’s a financial investment in our community,” says Gary Nelson. “If you look at investing $50,000 and you’re contributing to the benefit of 30,000 students, that’s a smart investment! If it helps even one child to be more successful in school, then that could make a big difference in our community, as well as in the life of that child.”

With support from people like Gary and Marcia Nelson, the Center is able to place artists into classrooms and instruments into the hands of students from low income families. And, each year, thousands of children hop aboard school busses to attend live theater performances. For many, it’s their only chance to experience that special magic.

“The Center’s programs are tangible and meaningful, with a proven track record of success. I can’t speak highly enough about them or about our relationship with the Center. Simply put, this is one of the best investments we’ve ever made.”

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