Our Sponsors: Clover Stornetta Farms


Welcome to Clover Country

Throughout the years, family-owned Clover Stornetta Farms has been an integral part of the North Bay landscape. Clover’s family farmers work hard to bring you the cleanest, freshest, most nutritious dairy products available in today’s marketplace. This relentless commitment to quality is the hallmark of their business.

From iconic billboard puns featuring loveable bovine mascot Clo, to their reputation for community outreach and philanthropy, Clover is exceedingly proud to be recognized as an industry leader. Clover was the first dairy company west of the Mississippi to offer milk certified free of the growth hormone rBST, and the first in the United States to be American Humane Certified for their trail-blazing stance on animal welfare. But Clover didn’t stop there. To further elevate their dairying principles, Clover developed the North Coast Excellence Program–a rigorous set of criteria which guarantees all Clover milk is sourced from producers who adhere to the highest standards of quality and sustainability practices possible. From the beginning, Clover has prided itself on working with a select group of family-owned dairies who share their dedication for stewardship of the land and humane farming practices, making Clover milk “heads and tails above the udders.”

Clover inherited this pioneering spirit of quality and compassion from their beloved founder and patriarch, Gene Benedetti–a Sonoma County native, college football star, and decorated WWII veteran. In 1975, following a devastating fire that claimed the Petaluma Cooperative Creamery, Benedetti approached dairy owner Al Stornetta with a business proposition: to open a dairy processing plant in Petaluma with the best family farms in town. The rest is history! Today, Gene’s grandson Marcus proudly carries on the family legacy established by his visionary grandfather. “It was easy to look up to my grandfather. “ Says Marcus. “He was a man who thought of his family and community before the bottom line. The standards he set back then keep Clover alive to this day, and for that I’m always grateful.”

Family has always been at the core of Clover. Since their humble beginning, three generations of families have grown up drinking wholesome Clover milk and enjoying over 200 different Clover products. Wells Fargo Center for the Arts is proud to have the company’s support through their sponsorship of the Clover Stornetta Family Fun Series. Since the beginning of Clover’s partnership with the Center in 2011, we’ve shared a similar community mission: learn, laugh and grow together.