Teachers learn powerful methods for using the arts in the classroom…


Teachers imitating art, in the classroom

by Teddy Sawyer for Wells Fargo Center for the Arts

Unfolding herself from the base of the “tree” that she and three other teachers had just formed by using only their bodies, Justine Leveille stated her growing confidence in the integration of creativity and the arts into the classroom setting.

“It engages students in every modality of learning. It taps into the kinesthetic learners, visual learners, and they have to be able to articulate it — not just themselves, but for their whole group.” she said, “It’s all for one and one for all.”

This week, from July 16-18, at Wells Fargo Center for the Arts, one of the nation’s top instructors in arts integration Sean Layne is directing a seminar for teachers called the Summer Intensive. The dynamic, in-depth course will help to prepare teachers to maintain the arts in their classrooms as a tool to reach a greater number of students and increase classroom efficiency and management.

Layne aims to incorporate a fuller participation of students while increasing their understanding of the given class, whatever the subject.

This way of teaching allows students to use and develop a wide variety of skills from all aspects of life, such as social, physical, and communication related skills, Layne said.

Using activities such as the “one-minute challenge,” which is a fast paced, activity which relates to the subject at hand, and “freeze tag,” the teacher can see the involvement of each student as they work in small groups. In turn, this requires all of the students to take part, as well as to work together and think critically to solve the problem.

“[It is] making creativity attributable to the classroom directly,” Layne said.