‘Wine country reds’ arrive looking spiffy!

The Irish Setter Club of America is on campus this week through Saturday for their national competition, entitled “Wine Country Reds.” The event has brought 400 Irish Setters and 500 of their handlers from across the U.S. and Canada to Santa Rosa. We’re told that the Hilton–a dog friendly hotel–is booked nearly solid through the duration of the event. Everyone from red-headed canines to their handlers (some with strikingly similar hair color) is on their best behavior and looking gorgeous. The competitions are being held throughout the day at the Wells Fargo Pavilion.


Nancy Fenoglio and Finn from Whittier, CA

Peter Kubacz from New Jersey gets a kiss from Abby.

Samantha poses as 'mom and dad, Marv and Cindy Champ from Stayton, Oregon show off her ribbon.